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Douglas O'Connell

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In addition to being a New York State licensed Real Estate Salesperson, I am also a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, who specializes in property tax reduction/grievance. As an avid Real Estate enthusiast I take great pride in my ability to find the best deals for my clients. 

Over the years I have had quite a few personal Real Estate adventures and I strongly believe that anything is possible and that Real Estate and home ownership are a huge part of most peoples dreams and aspirations. I am blessed to have a great group and network of professionals at Cafe Realty that can help make "it" happen. In addition I feel passionately that all homeowners need to review their property assessments in order to ensure that they are paying their fair share of property taxes and no more. 

Aside from Real Estate I love my hobbies which consist of any type of athletic endeavor imaginable as well as fine food and drink with good friends. I strongly believe that people should save as much of their money as possible to spoil themselves or their loved ones. If you have any questions regarding property tax issues please contact me.